The NVC Business Model

Better support for better patient and client care

The NVC Business Excellence Support Team (BEST) is responsible for the back office support that gets in the way of running a client focused practice.  BEST takes care of your payroll, IT, finance, HR and marketing functions. Every NVC clinic has two leaders; a Practice Manager and a Lead Vet.  The dedicated practice manager looks after the health and wellbeing of the clinic team as well as the on-site administration.  The Lead Veterinarian ensures the highest clinical standards of care and is typically the most senior vet.  This business model aligns and supports veterinary teams so they can then focus on caring for pets and pet parents which makes everyone happy! 

The support doesn’t end there!

Lead Veterinarians

Lead veterinarians are encouraged to join and participate in the Vet Advisory Committee.  The committee shares their knowledge amongst the community and ensures that all clinical and veterinary decisions are made by vets and not by accountants.  Lead veterinarians also receive ongoing training and education from the BEST education team to further progress their clinical excellence and leadership skills.

Practice Managers

Practice Managers are supported by Regional Managers (RM). RMs help practice managers with any and all support requirements; from organising a team lunch to providing an overview of benefits to staff.  Practice Managers also receive ongoing training from the BEST education team to continually progress their skills.

The Veterinary Team

The veterinary teams are the heart and soul of every vet clinic.  They are supported by their Practice Manager, Lead Veterinarian, RM and BEST.  No request is too big or too small and every team member is encouraged to give feedback to all levels of their support network.  The best suggestions often come from team members that interact with pet parents.  Feedback helps NVC to continuously improve and evolve the veterinary community that we are so proud of.    

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