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NVC believe that part of putting people first is offering the best education and training programs to our veterinary professionals.  As such, the NVC Veterinary Education & Training (VET) program offers an exhaustive list of courses delivered in every platform imaginable.  Everyone in the NVC community is given an allowance and study leave to support their continuing education.  We are proud that the NVC VET program is rated as one of the best benefits of being part of NVC.  Because of this feedback and the importance of education in the veterinary profession, we are actively expanding the NVC VET program. 

The expanded NVC VET program schedule will be communicated in the coming months.  We welcome your suggestions and feedback and invite you to email your VET team at:

NVC Training Academies

NVC aim to provide world-class professional development to the Vets, Vet Nurses and Practice Managers that lead the group throughout Australia.  This is why our training and education focuses on real cases and will involve veterinary specialists from around the world.  The NVC VET team will deliver the seminars at multiple training academies across the country.  These training academies will become veterinary industry knowledge hubs that support the professional development of our teams with relevant skills and learnings that can be applied when they return to clinic.

The training academies will also offer an annual two day conference that focuses on training and education, team building, knowledge sharing and networking.  The conference ensures that the group's future plans and directions are communicated so that we are all aligned and striving for the same goals.  NVC will always put people first and ensuring that our esteemed group of veterinarians, vet nurses and practice managers agree with the steps we are taking to make NVC the best is vitally important.  And of course, the conference is also about recognising the everyday heroes and success stories that make the veterinary industry so rewarding.

The NVC BEST team attend the conferences to listen and understand the needs of our clinic leaders.  This direct communication creates a unique learning opportunity to gather feedback and enables the progression of the group.

Industry Conferences

NVC recognises the importance of our position within the veterinary industry.  Therefore, we attend, sponsor and speak at all relevant industry conferences.  We are proud of our veterinary community and encourage our vets to attend.  We are also proud of what we are doing for the Australian veterinary community and want to share our story in the hopes of attracting like-minded veterinarians. 

NVC is actively enrolling in industry conferences and will be communicating our involvement in the coming months. 

NVC in the Community

NVC appreciate that team rewards and benefits are not always financial.  Each and every person has a philanthropic side that can benefit our lives and the people we care about.  Every veterinary clinic is encouraged to work with their local community to showcase their NVC community pride.  In addition, the NVC VAC selects one deserving national animal charity a year that the entire NVC group supports as a team. 

NVC community pride stories will be shared in the coming months. 

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