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NVC offers pet care plans that set a high standard for veterinary excellence and make it easy for pet parents to care for their pets.  Best for Pet was designed by vets and pet lovers to provide simple, affordable and optimal healthcare for your pet.



Caring for your pet can sometimes be overwhelming.  From selecting the right food and protecting them against nasty parasites to keeping up on their vaccinations and health care.  A Best for Pet membership includes all the preventative care services that we believe to be essential for maintaining your pets health and wellbeing.



Best for Pet gives you the reassurance of providing the best possible care in a convenient and cost effective way.  Simply make the initial payment today, followed by eleven equal direct debit payments and let your vet team take care of the rest!

  Annual Membership Price Initial Payment 11 Monthly Direct Debit Payments
First Pet $430 $100 $30
10% Discount for all Additional Pets $386 $100 $26


Optimal Healthcare

Similar to humans, early detection in pets can be key in preventing diseases, reducing and sometimes even avoiding costly medical bills.  The veterinary care that is included in your Best for Pet membership allows your vet team to give your pet the best in preventative health care which can lead to a longer and happier life for your pet.  So give your pet the best and join today! Download Membership Enrolment Form


What does the Best for Pet Membership include*?

  Canine Feline
Annual Vaccinations    
     F3+FIV vaccination   x
     C4 vaccination or C5 intranasal x  
Unlimited FREE consultations x x
Preventative Health Care Screening x 1 Per Year (includes a blood & urine test) x x
FREE Microchip x x
Unlimited Emergency Centre Consultations x x
Save up to $250 off a Dental Procedure x x
10% DIscount on all Professional Services provided by a Veterinarian x x
10% Discount on Parasite & Heartworm Control x x
10% Discount on Food & Merchandise x x
2 FREE Nights Cat Boarding   x
4 FREE Hydrobaths x  
Exclusive Member Events & Specials x x
* Please review the terms and conditions of this program.

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