Veterinary Training Centre

The Facility

Seminar Room

Capacity: 30 Pax seated at lecture chairs fitted with tablet arm.

Wireless Projector and Screen are fitted and available in our Seminar Room.  Lectern also available.  (Additional Seating can be provided with out tablet arm, up to 45 Pax)

Wet Lab Training Room

Our Wet Lab area is fitted with 6 Wet Benches each with instrument trolleys available.

Board and Meeting Rooms

We have a Board Room available with the capacity for 12 Guests.  Room is fitted with a projector and screen.  A whiteboard is available also. An additional Meeting Room seating 4 is also available upon request.

Kitchen and other facilities

Our Seminar Room has Tea and Coffee facilities along with a small fridge.  We have another kitchen area with a larger fridge, a dishwasher and sink with hot water available.  

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